Support Overview
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Support Overview

Keep Full

Want worry-free Econogas service? Check out our Econogas Keep Full service. We estimate your propane usage based on our computer modeling and deliver propane when our program indicates you need a fill.


There's no charge for the service, you just have to be credit approved, remain current on your payments, and have a readily accessible tank to qualify. If you're interested in saving yourself some time and hassle, Contact us and ask about Econogas Keep Full Service today.

Will Call

Will Call Customers enjoy the flexibility of scheduling their own propane deliveries. You gauge your usage and tank level, and then call Econogas to schedule a fill when you need it. To help us serve you, call Econogas to schedule a delivery when your propane tank reaches 30 percent capacity. Emergency propane deliveries can be made after hours, on weekends, or holidays should you need it.


Please be aware that unscheduled deliveries are subject to an additional charge. If your propane tank is empty or service is otherwise interrupted, Econogas is required to perform a safety leak test before placing your propane system back into service.

Payment Options

When you do business with Econogas, you enjoy the flexibility of choosing the payment plan that best fits your needs. Choose from a variety of propane payment options designed to fit your budget and your lifestyle:

  • Automatic Payment: You can sign up to have your bill amount automatically deducted from your credit card or bank account. To enroll in this program, please mail your completed form to Ferrellgas, P.O. Box 1003, Liberty, MO 64069 or fax it to 816-407-4934.
  • Online Payment: You can pay your bill online by credit card or bank account using Customer Connection, our online account management tool.
  • Pay by Phone: You have two ways to pay by phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—using a credit card or bank account by calling 1-866-606-3266, or by contacting a Customer Service Specialist at our local office.
  • U.S. Mail: When you choose to pay via the remit coupon on the bottom of your statement, please allow three to seven days for mailed payments to be received and posted to your account.  
  • Net 30: If credit-approved, we send you a statement and you have 30 days from the date of delivery to send in payment. If you are approved for our Net 30 option, you can also take advantage of a great payment option called Budget Billing that helps you spread your annual propane payments over nine or 12 months.  
  • Pay in Advance: This option lets you determine the amount of propane you need, and pay for it before it is delivered.

Contact us today to join the Econogas family and set up your preferred payment option!